Alexander Kokorin: "Arsenal through? Then let's play Arsenal!"

The Zenit striker on the club's progression to the next round of the UEFA Europa League.
Alexander Kokorin: "Arsenal through? Then let's play Arsenal!"
Alexander, congratulations on the win!  What was the difference between tonight and last weeks performance?

I was an easy win! (laughs), not really. We needed to rehabilitate ourselves after the first game, it was very hard for us. We played really badly in Glasgow. They were a good opponent, but we understood that we needed to build up our play and attack in all parts of the pitch. At home, with our support, it was a different game. Plus we scored a quick goal. Well done Branislav and happy birthday to him! 

How is Branislav? He's been training on his own for a long time due to injury but today he had one of the best games.

I've experienced this too and it's not always good, if you're doing two training sessions a day, sometimes it's a good time to rest but every player works differently. Bransilav has trained, he has been running and other things. But this proves that it is not always necessary to spend two months training, sometimes it is better to have a rest. 

What role did the fans play tonight? 

Well, what can I say - 50,000 at home in the stadium! The win is Fifty-fifty between us and the fans. 

Tomorrow is the draw. Whom do you want? 

I do not even know and there will only be good teams there anyway. I do not know what is better, probably with the strongest right away, to test yourself. Arsenal through? Then let's play Arsenal!