Roberto Mancini: "Dependence on Kokorin is our big problem"

Roberto Mancini spoke to the press after the game with Rostov.
Roberto Mancini: "Dependence on Kokorin is our big problem"

This is the third 0-0 in the Premier League. Can you say that you are in a crisis? And what happened to Lunev? 

No, I would not say that we are in a crisis. We ran into the problem today. For a long time only Kokorin has scored goals for us. If he doesn't score, then nobody scores.  Dependence on Kokorin is a big problem for us. I looked to the players who could score goals for us to score and they haven't done it. So we have the same problem and this has already existed for a few months. 

Regarding Lunev, we'll say tomorrow after a medical exam, but he's had a knock since Thursday. 

Was there enough time to prepare the team after the game with RB Leipzig?

Yes, I think that we were able to prepare the team, even though they played almost 65 hours ago. Even considering this, during the match the initiative was with us. Rostov defended and had rare counterattacks. The initiative was on our side. We will also be able to prepare the team for the second leg. 

You often say that you didn't sign certain players. How many more players did you want to buy? 

You ask why we play like this and why the problems. I've explained, Only Kokorin scores goals, we have no other players who can score. It seems you are complaining about the fact that I am complaining a lot. 

Rostov had a number of chances, why was this?

This is a normal situation. When the team defends during the whole match and counters, such moments are inevitable. We knew it would be like this and when you rely on counter-attacks, there is a lot of space infront of you. But we were ready for this.