Sergei Fursenko: "In the eight league games that remain we need total dedication to the cause, everyone together"

The club president sends a message to the supporters after the exit from the Europa League.
Сергей Фурсенко: «В оставшихся матчах недостаточно простой самоотдачи. Мы должны стоять друг за друга до последнего»
This is a painful defeat for our club. Together with the supporters, we are all disappointed with the result. 

But we are sure that in this difficult situation, the players and the coaching staff will be able to go forward and realise their potential. 

The character of a team is formed both in winning and losing. In the eight league games that remain we need total dedication to the cause, everyone together, the supporters, the club and the team, we must stand together until the very end. 

Thank you to everyone who came to support us today at the stadium and thank you to all those supporting us on TV around the world. We wish our injured players get back tofull fitness very soon.