Anton Zabolotny: "We have a fine and working atmosphere in the locker room"

The Zenit forward on the game with Anzhi.
Антон Заболотный: «У нас в раздевалке нормальная и рабочая атмосфера»
The most important thing is that we got the points. We gave our best against a good opponent, so I'm glad we won. 

What is the atmosphere like in the team? We see the coach regularly speaks about the players at press conferences. 

We have a fine and working atmosphere in the locker room. The coach always has something to say to the players and they are justified. He wants us to play better on the pitch. If he had no complaints, this would mean that he has no desire to work. We listen to his words and we try to do as he asks. 

Do the rumours about Mancini leaving affect you?

I do not know anything about this, we do not hear any rumours in the locker room. 

Why were you subbed off, were you injured?

Yes, but it is minor. I wanted to continue, but, unfortunately, my injury did not allow me. 

Are you upset about what Mancini's has said about you

I do not read the press. We have a very different atmosphere in the locker room. For the media, he says one thing, but to us he says quite another, he encourages us.