Leo Paredes: "It's all still in our hands"

The Argentine midfielder spoke about the game in Tula and his goal direct from a corner.
Leo Paredes: "It's all still in our hands"
Let's start with a nice question, did you plan to score direct from the corner? 

Yes! I curled it right into the goal. I'm glad that everything went as planed. 

Did you try and do something similar against Dynamo Moscow too

You're right, I tried to do it twice. So third time lucky and I did it in Tula (smiling). 

Will you be able to do it again?

We study our opponents and they also study us. So I doubt I'll be able to have such a chance again or catch them unaware, it will be difficult. But periodically I'm going to try it anyway. I just need to find the right time. 

What do you think about the game in Tula overall? 

It's left us with a very bitter aftertaste. We should have won the game, but we let them score right at the very end. It was extremely hard to take. There's only one thing that is good, the struggle for a place in the Champions League is still in our hands. 

So will everything be decided in the upcoming match against CSKA Moscow?

Perhaps, this is the most important match, everything depends on us. I assure you, we will train hard and go out on Sunday with the right attitude and do everything for the win. 

Are you surprised that Arsenal played such open football against you? 

It's very good that in Russian football there are teams that are not afraid to play so openly against the championship's top teams. This is great for Arsenal and I understand that not all teams in Russia can play like this, Many of the teams in Russia have to fight to get results. 

Why couldn't the team close the game down at the end? 

We just had to hold on to the ball and play because there were only a few minutes left. It's easy to roll the ball to each other and not to give it to your opponents. Who controls the ball, controls the game, especially at the end with the score like that. 

Are you annoyed that Artem Dzyuba scored the equaliser?

I just wish that Zenit had scored at the end. Who scored is not important. 

After the match, did all the Zenit players talk with Dzyuba? 

Why not? He is a good guy. And as an attacker he was just doing his job. He might have been a bit excessive on the pitch, but that was for his team. But the relationship between the players off the pitch is not affected. 

After the meeting with the fans, you began to score. Is it a coincidence?

I will not say that it influenced my play. But maybe it gave me additional motivation. The fans made it clear what they are not happy about, we try to take their wishes into account. In my opinion, Zenit did began to play better after the meeting. But let's see how we do in the next matches.