Daler Kuzyaev: "We must get out of the group at a minimum"

The Zenit and Russia midfielder spoke about the pressure on the eve of the World Cup, Cherchesov's targets and the upcoming training camp in Austria.
Daler Kuzyaev: "We must get out of the group at a minimum"
There are players in the squad who've been to the World Cup, have you chatted with them about things? 

Not yet, but I will. It's interesting to know from them what kind of atmosphere there might be at the tournament and how they dealt with the pressure. 

Do you feel any pressure now? 

Not at the moment, as the tournament gets closer I'm sure I will. 

What are you thinking about before the tournament? 

I want to play well, to prove myself there. 

What creates pressure for a player? 

After a bad game, there will be negative words, but we have to distinguish between objective and biased criticism. 

Did you ever think a few years ago you'd be playing at the World Cup?

I did set myself this goal.

Have things changed for you since you first got a call-up for Russia? 

I am now much more comfortable in the team and fell easier now that I'm part of the team.

What are the national teams targets? 

I agree with the general feeling that we must get out of the group at a minimum. If we get to the semifinals, that would be good. 

The doping officers arrived today, does that affect you? 

We are used to the fact that they come unexpectedly, we don't take any notice of this. 

What will you take with you to Austria? 

A book. The breath of the gods by Verber.