Zenit will celebrate the city and the Gazprom Acaemy's birthdays with a special Fan Promenade

On 27 May at the Peter and Paul Fortress, Zenit will take part in a large-scale sports and music festival with the support Rossiya Airlines.
«Зенит» отметит день рождения Петербурга и «Газпром»-Академии масштабным общегородским «Фан-променадом»
The Fan Promenade will take place on the shore of the Kronverksky Strait and starts at 10:00. Ollis Club, the club's regional partner, will offer guests to play football-snooker, mini-golf, giant games and Angry Birds. There will be an active entertainment zone where people can also eat some exclusive dishes from a special Zenit menu. 

On Hare Island, site of the Peter and Paul Fortress, a real tank range has been developed from our official partner, Rostelecom. There visitors will be able to take part in a radio-controlled tank battle.

At 13:00 famous Russian music acts will perform on the main stage, including Tatyana Bulanova, Irakli, IOWA and others.

At 13:45 there will also be an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Zenit Academy and to remember the schools past and the players produced there. Club president Sergey Fursenko and the school's founder Dmitry Besov will also speak at the event.