Daler Kuzyaev: "We will do all we can at the World Cup to please the fans"

The blue-white-sky blue midfielder spoke to the press after Russia's open training.
Далер Кузяев: «Сделаем все возможное на чемпионате мира, чтобы порадовать наших болельщиков»
We're the players split into what will be the two teams today?

You'll have to ask the manager that question.

Will the fans being at today's training inspire the team?

I didn't expect there to be so many fans today. These type of things give us positive energy and strength. 

What memories will the fans have of the Russian national team at the World Cup

I think only positive. We will do all we can at the World Cup to please the fans.

How do you fix problems in the middle of the park?
We are working on that issue. And not only in that, also our attack and defence. 

People here today are expecting Russia to reach the final against Brazil or Germany. Are you ready for this? 

That will be very difficult. We have no experience in playing at such a big tournament. Firstly, we need to get out of the group and then we will take each game as it comes.

Could you say that the goalkeeping position is the strongest position in the Russian team?

Our goalkeepers are really very strong, but our attack is not weaker. We have some very good players. We need to create more chances, because in our previous two games we had very few shots and today we will work on that.