Sergei Semak: "We will collect our information and get our ideas together"

The Zenit boss on the first match of the Gazprom Training Camp.
Sergei Semak: "We will collect our information and get our ideas together"
What do you think of the outcome of the first game, are happy or dissatisfied? 

We will collect our information and get our ideas together. Naturally, we'll have many questions, there were some good interactions and some bad, but we will work on those. This is the first match after a week of hard work. It's clear we didn't play have the fastest movement, but for us the main thing is to collect our thoughts and see who looks goof in what position, we'll analyse it and move on. 

Many thought that Pinzgau may not be a suitable opponent, but it seems that the Austrians fought and offered a good game.

I think that any team can play well give the right circumstances and they provided worthy resistance. In the first half we had problems with our finishing and in the second half we did not create many chances. Of course, we should have scored more. But in such matches we need to look not at the result, but at the quality of the game and the number of chances. Of course, we need to consider the strength of the opponent to properly understand this game. 

Did what you've been working on in training transfer to the pitch? 

I think all our preparations and developing interactions won't come about after just one week, not even after one month, so we will work hard and that won't be easy, but that will help us go forward.

In the second half there were a lot of crosses from the flanks. was that an instruction from you?

The opposition defended very deep and it was difficult to go through with short passes. We passed a lot, a many were dangerous, but we failed to get into ​​the penalty area unfortunately. The team was somewhat experimental, so that was fine. 

The team captain in the first half was Alexander Anyukov. Is it an experiment or have you already made up your mind? 

No, we do not keep anything in mind, just from those players who came out in the first half, Sasha was the obvious candidate for this role. As well as Misha Kerzhakov - in the second. 

Will you be choosing the captain or will the team? 

Let's see, it will depend on many factors.