Luka Djordjevic: "Today we played well and we will continue in the same spirit"

The Zenit striker on the game with Dynamo Moscow and the mood in the Zenit camp.
Luka Djordjevic: "Today we played well and we will continue in the same spirit"
How do you feel after your thirty minutes on the pitch

I feel good of course. When you score it's always nice, especially today as it was a proper game against a good opponent. I think that the team played very well and we will continue in the same spirit. 

How do you feel physically? 

I played for half an hour so there's no problem and I feel great. The rest of the guys I think also looked good, everything is fine. 

You scored twice and both weren't easy chances, how did you manage to find the net? 

It's just the way it went, the second goal had a bit of luck too and today luck was on our side.

There were some tough tackles on the pitch today, but by the time you went out things had calmed down. Have you ever seen such passion in a friendly? 

Sometimes it happens and Dynamo are one of our championship rivals and a tough team. Friendly matches should have less tough tackles of course, but that's just the way the game went. The most important thing is there were no injuries. 

Today you and Robert Mak played well together and scored some goals, does it remind you of two years ago?

Yes, now many of us have returned to the team and we all used to play together, we know each other well and that's why it turned out so well!