Sergei Semak: "It's nice that we scored so many, but the quality of the game is more important"

The blue-white-sky blue boss on the match with Dynamo Moscow, the Zenit players in the Russian team and the fitness of Paredes and Driussi.
Sergei Semak: "It's nice that we scored so many, but the quality of the game is more important"
Congratulates on the win! How do you account for such a big score? 

I think the scoreline itself has no real significance. but all results are important, because it helps the team spirit. Both teams wanted to win today, while the score was level it was a competitive game and was a good test for us. We were able to let a lot of the guys have some playing time against a good opponent. Yes we scored a lot and that's nice, but the most important thing is the quality of the game. There was some interesting football. 

Some players spent more time on the pitch than the rest, including Magomed Ozdoev. Why was that, did you want to take a longer look at them?

Yes some I wanted to look at a little longer, some we were forced to replace earlier than planned. We do not have quite enough for two full teams, we only have 19 outfield players, so Magomed had to play the whole match. Hernani could have played in place of him, but he got injured, so Magomed had to stay on, he didn't mind of course. We are slowly getting ready for our league matches. 

It's hard to remember when Zenit last played against a Premier League club. Are you pleased you could play today?

I am grateful to Dimitry Khokhlov for agreeing to the friendly, this was a good test for them and for us. Initially, we had agreed with Slutsky to play his team, but they are too far away from us so the game Vitesse Arnhem didn't happen. But thanks to Dynamo for agreeing to the match.

How about the Russia v Croatia game, what do you think of the team's performance?

I think it was a great result, a penalty shootout is always a lottery and losing on penalties is hard to take, I can understand how difficult it must be for the players and the coaching staff. Everyone is proud of the team and their excellent performance. I think the most important thing is that football has brought our country together. Everyone supported the team, I feel sorry for the kids who were upset by the result, but still the emotions it gave us are inexpressible and unforgettable. We must say thank you to the guys who gave us these feelings and thanks to the fans who supported the team and helped them do as well as they did. 

How are Driussi and Paredes?

Driussi and Paredes felt unwell after the first training camp and unfortunately Paredes is not training with the main squad at the moment. Driussi has began to train and I hope that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow he will return to full training. Paredes will need a little longer and he is still unwell. But I hope he will start training tomorrow on an individual program and then we will look at his condition.