Daler Kuzyaev: "I am very happy that I scored and that we won"

The blue-white-sky blue midfielder on training with Sergei Semak, returning from the World Cup and scoring in the match.
Далер Кузяев: «Очень рад, что удалось забить, тем более мы победили»
Congratulations on the win! Sergei Semak has said that the team's preparations are going well. How are things going for you? Has it been difficult getting back into club football after the World Cup?

No, it is not been difficult, the training so far has been very interesting, most of the exercises are aimed at working with the ball. After the World Cup everyone is in a good mood and that helps.

You've only had a short rest, did you want more? 

I wanted to rest a little more, to sunbathe on the beach, but I'll always follow what the coaching staff decide, it's not a major problem. 

Today you managed to score a nice goal. Was this worked on in training, or was it improvisation?

It was mostly improvisation, I've only trained with the team for two days. Noboa gave me a very good pass at the right time. I am very happy that I scored and that we won

Daler, how does it feel to be back in Austria, where you went to a training camp with Russia before the World Cup?

It's like deja vu!" Again these pitches! Immediately the memories of the training with the national team came back to me. 

Are you happy to be here? 

Of course! Only positive emotions!