Alexander Anyukov: "I want to apologise to the fans who came to Minsk"

The Zenit captain on the defeat to Dinamo Minsk.
Александр Анюков: «Хочется извиниться перед болельщиками, которые приехали в Минск»
Alexander, what happened out there? 

It's a shame for us. With all due respect to the Dinamo, we should not have played as we played the first half. 4-0 is ... I could say a lot of, but mostly I would like to apologise to the fans who came here. We have the second-leg and we will prepare for it. Now we have a game with Rubin and we will compete with Rubin. 

Can you somehow explain the result? Did you underestimate them?

Zenit have the best players in Russia and we must all understand that we have games like this. I don't have anything to say really, we can't play like that.