Christian Noboa: "After Paredes' sending off we had nothing to lose"

The Ecuadorian midfielder on the historic win against Dinamo Minsk.
Christian Noboa: "After Paredes' sending off we had nothing to lose"
Christian, congratulations on the win. How did you manage to do it? 

I still do not understand myself. The most important thing is that we won and are going to the next round. 

The first two goals weren't easy to come by and both were from direct free kicks...

After the second goal we felt that we could do it and then after the Paredes' sending off we looked at each and knew we had nothing to lose. The team felt good and we just played more and more. In the end, 8-1. 

What did Semak say at half-time?

He said to continue in the same spirit. Do not look around just go forward. Play through the pain and we are a team. We can win and we must believe. 

It seemed that after the Paredes red card the team were liberated and had nothing to lose?

We believed in ourselves. If we lost 3-1, 2-2,  it didn't matter. We can win and we must go on the attack. 

When the score was 4-1, was that tough to take? 

Yerokhin could had made the score 5-0 ... But this is the beauty and emotions of football. 

When did you understand you were injured and had to come off? 

I could have played on, but I took three or four steps and thought that it's better not to risk it, I was feeling tired too, especially after the game with Rubin and today's match and with the red cardl. I can say that Mak and Smolnikov came on and played very well today.