Sergei Semak: "The group is fairly even and the game was also balanced"

The blue-white-sky blue manager on the match against Copenhagen, Claudio Marchisio's playing time and the team's chances of going through.
Sergei Semak: "The group is fairly even and the game was also balanced"
As we said before the match, the group is fairly even and the game turned out to be fairly balanced as was the result of the game. In the first half we did not look very good, but in the second we played better. Unfortunately, they scored and we did not score a second goal so did not win. We had chances to win it, but I think that the outcome of the game is fair. 

You said that the second half you played better, but they scored, why did this happen? 

You should not confuse the quality of our game with the result as this is not always the same thing. 

Can you comment on the yellow cards of Dzyuba and Marchisio at the very end of the game?

It's a game with emotions. Marchisio got booked to stop an attack so it was the right decision at that moment. As for Dzyuba, he made a mistake and was wrong, although I can understand in that particular case.

At full-back domestically you're playing Nabiullin and in European competition Anyukov. But Anyukov made some errors today and may have been at fault for the goal.

Their goal came from the other flank and as for the other chance he was looking to deal with either a pass or a shot at goal and lost his line, but we should remember the good individual skill of  Copenhagen.  Football is not only a game of mistakes but also a game of good play, as in this case. As for Nabiullin and Anyukov, there is no system. We understand that it is hard for Anyukov to play in every match, but when he is available I have no question marks over him.

It seemed that in the first half you did not quite cope with their pressure and Neto often played back to Lunev, who kicked it out. Or is it under your orders? 

This is a question of decision-making when under pressure, more should be done if you can't then give it to the goalkeeper. This is not an issue. Even when Lunev kicked it out and we lost the ball, It's true, but we give credit to our opponents, but for us there is something to work on and go forward in how to deal with pressure. 

How satisfied are you with the results? 

Like any team, a draw isn't a pleasing result. If you take the standings and the battle to get through, then an away draw on with a strong team is a good result, but you always want to win. 

How is Marchisio's adaptation going and will he be ready to start the match with Lokomotiv Moscow? 

It is going very well and he is quietly integrating into our game. I hope he will be 100% ready to start the game, but let's see and decide based on his condition.