Evgeny Chernov: “I want to improve my game in defence”

The Zenit defender on the upcoming game with Dynamo Moscow.
Evgeny Chernov: “I want to improve my game in defence”
How are you feeling? How is the atmosphere in the team? 

I feel great. Everyone has returned and is preparing for the game with Dynamo Moscow. The atmosphere is positive as usual and everything is good. 

What are the positives and negatives you see in your game? 

I would like to improve my game in defence, after all, I am a defender and this is my main job. As for the good things, the coaching staff can answer that. 

Do you read things written about yourself? Do you pay attention to what is said about the team? 

I don't read things about myself, but, of course I scroll through the news sites. 

You played the full match against Krasnodar. What do you expect from the game with Dynamo? 

Now the league is very even. Every team is good in their own way. We will look at Dynamo and prepare for this game. The coaching staff will tell us what to look at.

Did the match with Krasnodar build your confidence? 

Before every game there must be confidence. You need strength and to believe in yourself. Everything is good.