Branislav Ivanovic: “Zenit don't have time to get upset”

The Zenit captain on the defeat in Moscow.
Branislav Ivanovic: “Zenit don't have time to get upset”
Did Zenit have a chance to win after the red card? 

I think the red card changed a lot. Before that, we didn’t play the way we had wanted and we weren’t able to move the ball as we had wished. After the red, it was difficult to put things together. I said during the break that the match was ours to lose, and it happened. They were waiting for us to make a mistake and we made it. But we do not have time to get upset. It was very difficult for us to win today, but we must tune in to every game 100%, give it our best and all our strength. This is the only way to achieve what we want. 

Despite being very busy in defence, you still had the energy to go forward in the final minutes.

Yes, after their goal, we changed formation as we had to attack more, we tried and tried, but, unfortunately, we failed to score. 

And the calls for a penalty at the end when you went down? 

It’s hard to say, but I think it wasn’t, to be honest. at that moment, I tried to control the ball, but it escaped me a bit. Their player was holding me, but I think this it was not enough for a penalty. 

There was an incident when Holmen could have got a second yellow card. Did you see that?

I saw it, but I think that if I discussed the decisions of the referee, then it won't end well for me so I don’t want to talk about it. However in our matches there have been constantly incomprehensible decisions from refs. But we should not pay attention to that. They have their job and we have ours. We must do our job to achieve our goals.