Sergei Semak: "We had to change our plans after the red card"

The Zenit manager on the defeat to Dynamo Moscow.
Sergei Semak: "We had to change our plans after the red card"
In the first half, we tried to control the ball from the back, but we didn't have much sharpness. We had to change our plans after the red card. In the second half, we played well, except for the moment when they scored, it was a good pass from Rausch, which led to a goal. We had to recoup and I'm pleased with how we played at the end. We created chances, but we couldn't do enough to score and save the game. 

Before the red card, you played on the back foot and seemed to give the initiative to your opponent. Before half-time Dzyuba didn't have a shot on target.

I do not think we gave up the initiative. Both teams in the first half tried to control the ball and neither had any real dangerous moments. As for the lack of shots on target, it does not make us happy, but the number of shots is not as important as the quality of the game. There were several chances that we could have finished. 

How is Kuzyaev? 

While it is not clear, I had to replace it. Daler has a concussion, he is in prostration. While something concrete is difficult to say. 

What can you say about Driussi? 

We will look at that incident. The first incident he wasn't happy about and I do not know what was said to the ref. The actions of the ref are up to him and that was his decision. For the second yellow card, it was not clear whether the ball was in play or not. We need to deal with what happened and look at any sanctions given.