Sergey Semak: “We'll do everything possible to reach the next round”

The Zenit boss on the Bordeaux game, Dzyuba and Ivanovic's absence and Paredes' red card.
Sergey Semak: “We'll do everything possible to reach the next round”
What are you hoping for tomorrow and are you looking to get through to the next round?

I always want to win and we'll do everything possible to reach the next round. But we'll take each game as it comes, Bordeaux probably also want to win, who's better, we'll see during the game. 

Do you know that Bordeaux changed ownership yesterday? Could this affect what happens on the pitch? Will you tell players about this be more cautious?

We are aware of what's happened. How this will affect the team in the short term and specifically tomorrow, is difficult to say. From the point of view of the future, it is possible that changes will happen, but in such a short time it is not easy to predict what will  change in tomorrow's game.

In the last three matches, you've scored very few goals and one was a penalty. What has happened at Zenit? Why is the team not scoring? 

I do not think that there is a loss of efficiency. We have created chances to score, we just need to score them. We are going well, we need to continue to move in the same direction. Goals sometimes there will be more, sometimes less. The issue is only finishing the chances.

Did all the players travel to France? Who will not be able to play tomorrow, if this is not a secret? 

It's not a secret. Chernov is not registered for the Europa League. Dzyuba is out due to injury, he did not train with the team. Ivanovic will also not play. The rest are all ready. 

What is up with Ivanovic?

He has stayed at home, because he's had a tough time,  he's been playing a lot without a break and so we've decided to give him a short break. 

Are you expecting more from Paredes compared to the first match? And what can you say about the rumours around his red card?

Let's start with the red card. The isn't any scandal here, these are usual match moments. The fact that he made a mistake comes from his excitement and desire to play, not bad technique with tackling and there was no intent I am sure. Knowing that he already had a yellow card, he should have avoided this red car and we have talked about this and he will be fined. But I do not see any premeditation here and completely trust him. He has a quick temper and it really is a part of his character and we will try and deal with this. But talk of premeditation is groundless. He wanted to go to Moscow for the match with CSKA and after that, and this was my idea, I was to allow him to go home to spend a few days with his family, because such an opportunity is rare for him.

We know he has potential and he is an amazing player, we expect that he will be the most useful player in defence and attack. We wait on him, we demand and hope that he will only progress. 

Could you clarify the situation about Dziuba? Will he play against CSKA Moscow?

We will see. After the Akhmat game he hasn't trained. He will train on Friday, but  he will not play. Regarding the national team, will be decided when the time comes. In the meantime, this is all that can be said.