Branislav Ivanovic: “Today our biggest rivals were ourselves”

The Zenit captain on the game with CSKA Moscow.
Branislav Ivanovic: “Today our biggest rivals were ourselves”
We created a problem for ourselves and after that it was already difficult to get back in the game. We tried and in the second half we were a little bit better. But I say again, we brought this problem on ourselves at the beginning of the match. 

How much did the game change in the second half? 

The game had to change as they had a good lead, they were just waiting for opportunities. We did more in the second half, but it was clear that it was not enough. 

Zenit had very little time to recover after flights to Bordeaux, St. Petersburg and Moscow, did this affect the players?

Maybe, yes, but we cannot change these things. Sometimes you can change the dates or order of matches. This is not for us. We are a team that from the first to the last game, endure it, we must be strong and we are continuing to work hard. The next match is very important. Now we have a break, we'll take a rest, look at our mistakes. I think we have a very big opportunity to improve our play and improve. When we play at our level, we must always dominate and win. It depends on us. 

Artem Dzyuba received an injury, how is he? Any news from the doctors? 

Dzyuba was injured, before the match, he tried to do everything to get on the pitch. This proves his attitude and desire. Maybe he'll miss some matches. It's hard for me to say, I'm not a doctor.

Do Zenit rely too much on Dzyuba? 

Tell me at least one team in a world where their game does not depend on their attackers. 

How do you like CSKA and their player Nikola Vlašić? 

CSKA have created a very young team, but their system remained the same, their coach remained the same. They are young, they try hard and they fought very well. Today we gave them an easy game than they took it. As for Vlašic, he is good, he has quickly got used to the championship of Russia and became one of the top players. 

Are CSKA Zenit's main rival for the title? 

There are many rivals this season and CSKA are always around the top. With them, there are three or four teams who will fight until the last game for the championship. 

But are CSKA the most difficult?

Today our biggest rivals were ourselves