Evgeny Chernov: “Our job was to win today”

The Zenit fullback on the loss in Moscow.
Evgeny Chernov: “Our job was to win today”
What was the reason for today's defeat? 

Unfortunately, it just happened that we let in two stoppable goals after our mistakes. In the second half, we came out with a different attitude, we wanted to get back in the game, but we failed. 

Did you expect that CSKA will start so well in the first half? Zenit had almost no chances. 

Yes, we knew that CSKA have their own style, young players who play very aggressively and efficiently, but yes, today the first half was very hard for us. 

What was your aim today? 

Our job was to win. 

And tactically? 

This is a discussion for the locker room. 

Today Mario Fernandes was missing on your flank, but CSKA managed to replace him. Was that easier for you today? 

CSKA are a strong team and anyone can replace anyone. 

How much does this defeat change things in the championship? 

There are still many games, anything can happen. 

Zenit have been having some bad form recently, but at the same time there is still a big gap. How comfortable do you feel now? 

There are still a lot of games ahead, so we cannot feel too comfortable.