Leon Musyaev: "I only found out I was playing when I arrived at the Petrovsky"

The Zenit-2 midfielder on spoke to us about playing two matches in one day! 
Leon Musyaev: "I only found out I was playing when I arrived at the Petrovsky"

You played 45 minutes against Schalke, and two hours later, you played half the game for Zenit-2 against Luch Energia, was it difficult? 

It is rather tough, to go from one game to another, but I had the energy and I gave one hundred percent in both games.

In one day you played two games one on a real pitch and the second on an artificial. This might be unique. 

Ha-ha! Probably. But, we train on the artificial pitch and on a real one too. In the FNL we play on many different pitches and we change constantly. I can't say that it is very nice, but I do not see any particular problem.

What did you think about the match with Schalke? 

They are of a very good class. At first I was nervous. It's a huge stadium with more than 40,000 fans there. I had a couple of good passes and the game went fine.

Did you go from Stadium St. Petersburg's locker room to the Petrovsky for the Zenit-2 game? 

Yes, three of us Ilya Vorobyov, Sergey Ivanov and me went immediately to the Petrovsky.

Did you know you'd be starting the game for Zenit -2? 

I didn't. I only found out  I was playing when I arrived at the Petrovsky locker room.

How was the game with Luch Energia? 

We controlled the ball and kept possession, but again we didn’t create enough dangerous chances. In the first half we had a good chance but their goalkeeper saved them.  They had almost no opportunities to score and their goal came by accident in our penalty area. They got an opportunity and took advantage of it.