Robert Mak: "The defender may have touched it, but a goal is a goal"

The match winner spoke to us after the victory in the UEFA Europa League.
Robert Mak: "The defender may have touched it, but a goal is a goal"
Robert, was it a tough game? Why were Zenith so defensive at the end? 

It was a very difficult game. In the first half, we did not play so well. The second half started better and it's great that we managed to score. After the goal we slowed down and for the last 15 minutes we had a really hard time. FC Copenhagen played great. I think it was an even match and was decided by one goal. We scored and they didn't. Now we have the three points in our back pocket and a place in the playoffs. Zenit are first in the group and we've done our task. 

How psychologically important was it to win today before leaving for Tula in the league?

It's very important. To get out of this difficult group was our main task and we managed it. Now we need to rest before the next match. And then we can fully concentrate on the last two matches this year in the title race.

Were you a little lucky with the goal, did it get a deflection? 

I think, it did. As I shot I tried to focus all my attention on the ball and the defender may have touched the ball, but its not important. A goal is a goal.