Artem Dzyuba: "It's a tough and strong group"

The Zenit and Russia striker reacts to Russia's draw for qualification to Euro 2020.
Artem Dzyuba: "It's a tough and strong group"
It's a tough and strong group. The Belgians are of course favorites. But it's very nice that San Marino are there. All the others are a worry. Scotland at home are very strong, Cyprus is not easy at home either. So it could be a battle to the last game, but we'll see. But the group is not easy. I was hoping it would be a little easier.

Who would be easier? 


Who are favourites and who might miss out? 

Now the Belgians are favorites for any tournament. If they hadn't had lost French, they would have won the World Cup. I will be glad to play against Axel Witsel again.