Zenit make a dream come true!

As part of the club's good deeds programme, the blue-white-sky blues paid a visit to 9-year-old Sasha and gave her the unusual Christmas present she wanted.
Back in November Sasha became famous across Russia when she came to watch Zenit with a poster that read "Uncle Artem, score two goals and Mum will buy me a puppy."

Artem didn't manage to score that day but the club wanted to fulfill that dream and on 26 December, the club and Sasha went to the Islet animal shelter and chose a small dog together.

"Although he is small, he looks like a lion and so I'll name him Dzubik after Artem Dzyuba.” said Sasha.

Club Good Deeds is a social project that unites all the Zenit family, players, students, staff and fans and is a variety of events based around sport, education, social projects and charity.