Luis Neto: “I think it will be a great battle with Fenerbahce”

The Zenit and Portugal defender on the upcoming Europa League clash with his former side.
Luis Neto: “I think it will be a great battle with Fenerbahce”
Luis, what are your thoughts on the upcoming UEFA Europa League game? 

The fans are very important to this time. The away match will have a very difficult atmosphere for us, but it is good that they are now in the process of rebuilding and the first half of their season was not very successful. Now the team is changing but we should note that individually their players are quite strong, but I would not single out anyone and we need to be very careful. I hope that we have enough time to prepare and in the end we will get the result we want. 

Have you spoken to your former teammates about the upcoming matches with Zenit? 

Only with Roberto Soldado, we have a very good relationship and we often chat, we are both happy to have the chance to play against each other.

What did he say to you? 

Nothing special, we were both just glad about the draw. Actually, I think it will be a great battle, two strong teams with history playing against each other. 

In your opinion, are the players in their team stronger? 

No, I think that Zenit are stronger than Fenerbahce, but this must be proved on the pitch. We need to prepare and work hard. 

Is the fact that they are not doing very well in their championship a plus for Zenit or a minus? 

I don't know, but it is absolutely certain that the league is more important for them and they will be trying to get out of their situation. But it will not be easy to do for them and they are now on their third coach this season.