Sergei Semak: “I liked the second half more in terms of quality"

The Zenit boss on our final game in Spain and the upcoming UEFA Europa League game.
Sergei Semak: “I liked the second half more in terms of quality"
Sergey Semak, this was the team's final match before Fenerbahce. Will those who played in the first half be starting in Istanbul? 

I don’t think that today we had starting and non-starting lineups, we needed this match to see the condition and form of our players. Almost everyone who played today has a chance of starting and some have more of a chance than others. Yesterday we had a tough training session and today's match is part of training. I liked the second half more in terms of the quality and we created some good chances. Overall the game was better in the second half than in the first half.

Does Barrios have enough understanding with his teammates, considering that he only arrived recently?

It's not enough yet and it is very difficult for any player to join a team and be ready in a week, this is one of our problems. The new signings have arrived just before the official matches and there is no little time to train and get some connection with them. But the main thing is that we have these players and in the Europa League matches we will have our best lineup ready for the start of the RPL championship. 

Today, Leon Musaev for the first time made a noticeable mistake during the games he's played at the winter training camp. Have you given him a big minus or is it just one of those things?

I must admit that today was not one of his best, but there was nothing terrible, he works hard and deserved to start today. Everyone makes mistakes and he got tired. Thanks to his work and attitude, he is a full-fledged part of our squad. We will continue to keep an eye on him. Young players have such matches so there’s nothing to worry about, everything is predictable and understandable.