Sergei Semak: "We deservedly won and it's good to score so many goals for the supporters"

The Zenit boss on the win at the Gazprom Arena. 
Sergei Semak: "We deservedly won and it's good to score so many goals for the supporters"
We were very active at the start and wanted to score quickly, to make things simple. We succeeded with that and scored twice. We created lots of chances and played well from the first to the last minute. There were periods in the first half, and especially in the second, when the game calmed down a bit. But we played right up to the final whistle and scored a lot. We played well, we deservedly won and it's good for the supporters to score so many goals. 

Did Rigoni not start because of injury reasons and why did he take the freekick instead of Rakitskyi?

I said at the pre-match press conference that Rigoni and Rakitsky had injury issues. Rakitsky starting training a little sooner than Rigoni. Emiliano missed almost the entire week. For this reason, he did not start and in this position there is also Robert Mak, who played very well today. 

Rigoni and Rakitsky are among the possible free kick takers. We decide all that before the game. Plus, there are options during the match and depending on the situation when certain players can take them.

Dzyuba had a few chances, but did not score. How important is it for you to get Artem scoring again? And secondly, how important is the six-point gap at the top? 

Regarding the gap, we can count that six points is two games. There is not a big gap at the top. Some team lose points, some gain. This subject is more for journalists. Everyone understands that we are talking about only two matches. This gives us a breathing space, but not a huge one. Anyway there are matches coming up with our title rivals. And like us, they are fighting for first place. 

As for Artem, it does not matter who scores. The main thing that the team won. Artem needs goals to get confidence. But there isn't a problem. He plays in a way the team needs and benefits the team.

Even with the score 3-0, you did not put on Zabolotny. Is he out of favour?

No, he did not come on and the reason is to give a chance to Musaev, we wanted to play Noboa too. Frankly, no one has fallen out of favour, with these subs we delayed it slightly. We wanted Noboa on earlier, because, as I've said before, Christian is one of the leaders of our team. He needs to get back in form and get match fitness, which he lost due to injury. We wanted to give him more time, but couldn't. As for the third substitution, I considered that it was more important to give the opportunity to a young footballer, which I did. 

You scored all your goals in the first 10 minutes and in the last 10 minutes. In these time frames there was more passion, enthusiasm, desire. How can you get this attitude for the whole 90 minutes?

I agree that we started actively. When the two goals were scored, it is difficult to continue throughout the match with the same pace and attitude. There were moments when we slowed down a bit, based on the score and the game itself. We played calmly in defence but there was a moment when our attention lapsed. But despite this, we created lots of chances and could have scored more before the end of the match. We had good chances throughout the game. But overall I think we scored enough.