Emiliano Rigoni: “We intend to take home the three points”

The Argentinian midfielder on the upcoming match with Krasnodar.
Emiliano Rigoni: “We intend to take home the three points”
How are you preparing for the match with Krasnodar and how do you feel about the match with Anzhi?

The match with Anzhi went well, but we have to remember to keep preparing just the same for the next match. A big score does not mean that we are a great team better than another. We are seriously preparing for Krasnodar and intend to take home the three points. 

What's more important for you, to score or assist? 

Both things are very important. I am glad when I score, but I am just as happy when I help my teammates and the team score. 

What did Driussi say to you before the free-kick and why didn't Ozdoev kiss you?

We had prepared a team move and we discussed that. It seemed we couldn't do that and get through directly due to where their players were, but then one of their players moved away from the wall and Sebastian came over to me and told me just to shoot. As for the kiss Ozdoev, I do not know why! 

How comfortable do you feel in at the club and in the city? 

From the very beginning I've felt great in this city and at the club. The short time in Italy helped me and I feel good as a player here. I have learnt a lot and I am always trying to improve. I am working hard in training. I am sure that I have not reached my best yet and I have room to grow. 

How will Zenit approach the match with Krasnodar?

I understand that the Russian Premier League is very competitive and matches against our direct competitors are always special and important. We know how to play against Krasnodar. We intend to win and continue the path to the title.