Sergey Semak: “We've taken another step forward”

The Zenit boss on the 2-0 home win against Dynamo Moscow.
Sergey Semak: “We've taken another step forward”
It was a tough game and that was what we had expected. In the first half there were not a lot of chances and the players looked tired. Nevertheless, in the first half, we controlled the game, although they had a rather dangerous counterattack. Although in my opinion it was offside. As for the second half, we looked stronger. We scored two and could have scored more. Dynamo defended quite deep. Their team is experienced and rarely give away a lot of chances in the Premier League. I am glad that we managed to win and we absolutely deserved it. It was hard after the match with Krasnodar where we used up a lot of strength and passion. We were able to bring it together, find the right moment and get the win. We've taken another step forward. 

Why didn't you manage to start as well in the first half as you did against Krasnodar?

That's down to the opponent. Dynamo tried to play long passes and defended deeply and played on the counterattack. If the opponent plays open football, then we'll see a lot of chances and shots. It is difficult to expect the other team to dominate for a long times. But we managed to score and we had other chances to score more. In general, it was a good game and a well-deserved victory. 

Is Driussi alright? 

He's fine, his substitution was due to tiredness. 

You said before the match that there were some concerns about a comedown after the last game. Are you worried about the same before Krylia Sovetov?

I think it will be less, but the closer we get to the end of the championship season, the more the tension increases. Our aim is close and many teams will drop points at this time of the season. We need to close it out and the next game will be just as difficult. Krylia are a good team and we must be at our best. We need to recover, then we will prepare for the next match. 

You seem to be having more success from corners, has the system changed or the guys taking responsibility for them? 

Nothing has changed. Of course, when the temperature is below zero, it is quite difficult to train set-pieces. Now the weather has improved, we can devote more time to this. Sometimes they come good, sometimes worse. 

Did Azmuon pick up an injury when he went down?

It was a tough challenge and we'll take a look again at this moment and tomorrow we will  examine him. During the break, there was a big question if Zhirkov could continue the game, as he received an injury. We must thank him for continuing. As for Sardar, Like Magomed, who got a knock in the previous match, All the guys are real men and I can thank them for their hard work and desire. 

Wilmar Barrios received his fourth yellow card and will miss the next match. Do you have a plan B? 

Of course we have. Everyone can miss a match due to injury or suspension. In the next game will have to do without Barrios. 

Marchisio posted a photo on Instagram of him being in hospital after surgery. When will he return to playing?

It's hard to say at the moment, but soon we'll be able to say. We will talk with the doctors and after that we will be able to announce the details. 

But he's out for this season, right? 

This season exactly.