Douglas Santos: "Dzyuba does try to talk to me, but I don’t understand Russian yet"

The Brazilian fullback on his Zenit debut and how he's finding life in the team.
Douglas Santos: "Dzyuba does try to talk to me, but I don’t understand Russian yet"
It all went perfectly and we've won our first match, we had a good game and earned the three points. We aim to keep up this winning spirit and to continue in the same way right to the end of the championship race. 

You played the first half in your usual position, at left back, but in the second half, you played in the middle. Why was that

I was asked if I could close the gap in the centre and I replied that I could and I know how to do that. I really want to do my best for the team and give 100% in any position I play.

What do you think of the Gazprom Arena?

It looks great and the stadium was noisy for the whole 90 minutes. The supporters drove us forward and we scored twice, but we could have scored more. It was just our first match. We intend to continue playing better and better. 

Hernani has left so you are now only Brazilian in the team. Do you have any friends? Have you become friends with Artem Dzyuba

Dzyuba does try to talk to me and of course, I'd like to be friends, but I don’t understand Russian yet, and he’s not very good with Portuguese, so we are communicating as best we can. I also speak Spanish and a little German. All the Zenit players are trying to talk to me, but it's easier for me to talk with the Argentinian players, as well as with Noboa and Barrios. Gradually, we will get used to each other, talk more and be one big happy family.