Sergei Semak: "We wanted the win"

The Zenit boss on the second win of the season.
Sergei Semak: "We wanted the win"
It was a difficult match and we knew how the match with Sochi was going to be. They're young guys and have a lot of good players, but we are always ready to prove who we are and play well. I knew from the pre-game feeling in the camp that we wanted to win and we managed to score in the first half, but on the whole, we were rather passive, we slowly moved around and the ball too. In the second half, we played well, it would have been good to score earlier, there were opportunities to score and for them too. Perhaps, Sochi don’t have such high-quality players as us, but anyway, it was good that we scored at the end of the match. 

Why did the players get so heated after Miladinovic's yellow card for the penalty? Now we have the rule of double punishment.

The foul appeared intentional and the interpretation of the rules is that if a player accidentally fouls, then it is yellow. It seemed to me it was a deliberate foul. Let's take another look.

Did you intentionally sit back and not press Sochi? 

We took the ball in their half of the field and did pressure at times.

Why did Sutormin not get into game for the first 15 minutes?

He was in the wrong position, so the ball did not reach him. Because of the heat too we decided to put Zhirkov on, as he would have had a hard time playing the entire match. Plus Elmir Nabiullin played very well and is quick. 

There were two chances missed too, and why did you switch to five defenders when Dzyuba came on?

Yes, we in the second half we went to five defenders. Sutormin dropped into the back five and its a good formation for us to play. We tried to reduce the number of wide passes for them. As for our chances, we had chances but didn't take them, but it is good that they were created. We work on that in training almost every day.

Dzyuba did not start, does he have an injury?
No, not an injury. He had been a bit unwell. On Thursday, he worked in the gym on an individual program. He trained pre-game and everything seemed to be normal, but after it his temperature came back. We decided not to start him, because Artem had not trained much this week. But I think he got enough playing time for how he was.