Street Style: Art District, sneaker laundry, UK rap performance and much more

An official guide to Saturday evening’s Fan Promenade programme.

Art District Project

Let’s Draw SPB will create five paintings in different styles using a range of materials. Everyone who wants to can join the artists and draw on their installations which will be located between Entrance 5 & 6.

Right next to it, visitors will be able to have a got at the graffiti wall with the help of real professional street artists.

In the foyer of Rossiya Stand C fans will be able to attend a master class in sketching, there you will be able to create graffiti with the use of professional materials. Fans will receive bracelets and stickers as a gift too.

Art District is a unique platform which unites creative people from Moscow and St. Petersburg with the main goal of supporting professional painters, lovers of art and fans of creative works.

Sneaker Laundry

In association with Clean fans will be able to discover everything there is about customising their sneakers, keeping them clean and learning about sneaker design.

House of Vinyl

A vinyl market will open on the third floor of the stadium in front of Stand B, with a DJ set by House of Vinyl

London Rap Scene

KYO KING, an up and coming rapper from London will be performing in collaboration with House of Vinyl. His third studio album Fall, No One Cares will be released in fall of 2019. Having been accustomed to many musical genres, KYO combines different sounds to create something unique. Being influenced by legends such as OutKast and Lil Wayne and modern day names like Maxo Kream, Pusha-T & EarthGang, KYO’s goal is to put out high-quality lyrical rap over experimental beats.

Make it Beautiful

Youth car market will open in front of section B-114. A premier of Russian street style documentary will premier in a mini-cinema at the location as well.

Facets of the Unusual

An exhibition of polygonal sculptures will open in front of section C-111, showing how sculptures can be perceived differently from different angles. Fans can try on different attires, take a memorable photo and take part in creating a gigantic sculpture.

Official site:

The Gazprom Arena and the Fan Promenade will open at 19:30, two hours before Zenit v Krasnodar kicks off. Tickets for the game are available at all the usual outlets.