Branislav Ivanovic: “You play more carefully in matches against teams like this”

The Zenit captain on the draw with Krasnodar.
Branislav Ivanovic: “You play more carefully in matches against teams like this”
Branislav, it was a very difficult match for you and the team had to comeback. And in the end you even were even playing upfront. How do you evaluate the final result tonight

It was a very difficult game. There were two teams that love to play and know how to play well. Krasnodar are a team that play well throughout the game. We had a great first half and created a few chances. In matches like this, the team that scores first, has the advantage. Unfortunately, we let in that goal, but managed to pull one back. After this match, both sides can be both pleased with the result, but unhappy with individual incidents.

Can you say anything about the own goal, What do you think caused this mistake? 

This happens, but it can be lack of concentration. Douglas played today on the right, not in his usual position. The main thing is that we scored an equaliser and it was a magnificent goal on the counterattack. 

Why did Zenit play so quickly at the end of the game, as before that you were more cautious?

When you play against such a dangerous team like Krasnodar, they can take advantage of any of your mistakes, so of course you play more accurately at the start. In the first half, we created a few chances, but did not have it right to score. So in the second half, we had a difficult time. This shows the standard of football in Russia. Both teams played at a good level. 

How was Malcolm's debut? 

The first match is always difficult, but Malcolm showed his good qualities and we really need a player like him. He'll have a period of adaptation and then he will show us all what he can do.