Douglas Santos: “It's amazing here and I think I’ve adapted quite well”

The Zenit defender on his first month in St. Petersburg and the upcoming game with Dynamo.

Douglas Santos: “It's amazing here and I think I’ve adapted quite well”

How is the adaptation going? How comfortable are you at Zenit?

It's amazing here and I think I’ve adapted quite well. I’ve only been here for a short time, but the way I have been welcomed is great. I promise to keep working hard, to play better and to make the fans happy.

Which languages do you speak? Are you planning to learn Russian?

I speak Portuguese, a little bit of Spanish, Italian, and German. It’d be great to learn Russian as it will be easier for everyone.

Is there anything similar between the RPL and the Bundesliga? What are the differences? Perhaps the long flights?

There is a difference. The German league is more intense in terms of the number of games. That’s pretty much the only big difference. The experience I’ve acquired in Germany is helping me here a lot.

You've already played on the right, left and in the centre. How comfortable was it playing on the right against Krasnodar? Are you ready to play there more?

It was my first time playing on the right, but I’ve already trained in such position which helped me a lot. I think I defended well, however I wasn’t great in attack. There’s more training to be done.

How did you feel about the own-goal? Do you think about it at all now?

It was horrible. There’s nothing worse than scoring an own-goal. It will be a good lesson for me. Of course I wanted to score, but not in my own goal. On the other hand, it’s good that it happened now and not in an incredibly important game. Mistakes shouldn’t happen, and we need to make everyone happy, rather than sad.