Alexander Erokhin: "Akhmat have always been a strong team"

The Zenit and Russian midfielder on Saturday's game with Akhmat Grozny.
Alexander Erokhin: "Akhmat have always been a strong team"
Have Akhmat changed much compared to last season? And Alexander Medvedev yesterday named your main rivals, but didn't include Spartak Moscow or CSKA Moscow. Do you agree with his opinion? 

As regards the first question, Akhmat have always been a strong team. I believe that every season they set a target of qualifying for Europe. None of the matches I've played against them have been easy. 

As for the second question, now it's only the start of the season, so it is difficult to say who'll finish where. I am sure that Spartak and CSKA will look to finish higher than their rivals. I wouldn’t write anyone off. 

We have seen you play out on the right as well as in the middle. Do you prefer it there? 

It's no problem. I try to play where the manager tells me and to do my best for the team. 

What's your opinion on Malcolm?

Much has already been said about him and I can only echo those words. He's fast, technical and will help us both on and off the pitch. As for him as a human being, he's adapting well and many of the lads speak the same language as him, so everything is going well.