Sergei Semak: "Let's hope Driussi and Malcom come back as soon as possible"

The Zenit boss spoke to the media ahead of the away trip to his former club.
Sergei Semak: "Let's hope Driussi and Malcom come back as soon as possible"
Can you comment on the decision of the RFU's disciplinary committee? Did it come as a surprise? 

It was not unexpected. There are rules and we have to accept their decision. We will prepare for the game and train as usual and do everything we'll do what we should do.

You've a number of injuries and players recovering from injury. Will everyone be able to play against Ufa, especially as there is an artificial pitch? 

Everyone will travel and prepare for the game and there are no issues. There are those who do not want to play on the artificial pitch and we will look at the risks. It is always difficult to go from one pitch to another, but the conditions are the same for both teams.

Driussi and Malcolm are definitely out, but Shatov is back in full training. 

Can you tell us how long Driussi and Malcolm are out for? It's been said 3-4 weeks, but some have said it's even longer.

Next week there will be full medicals that will more or less give us accurate recovery times. Usually, muscle injuries are three weeks, so this period was stated based on that initial diagnosis. But there are other individual factors that can change the dates of the recovery process. Let's hope they come back as soon as possible.

What do you expect from Ufa? 

They play well at home, they beat Rostov. We know most of their players and they have attacking potential, players who can shot, they have quick players like Sly. I think that all the teams study each other and everyone knows each other's weaknesses. But it’s one thing to understand them and another to know how to exploit them. 

Who will cover for you during the Ufa game? 

We’ll decide the day after tomorrow. 

The match with Akhmat has been discussed all week due to the refereeing, has that made it difficult to prepare for Ufa? Or have you forgotten about the decision in that game?  

They've been no problems and it's all forgotten. Football has its emotions, its mistake and its bad behaviour, even on my part. There are rules and our job is to train and prepare for the next match. Yes, we didn’t win, we created chances, but do not score so we will work towards the next game. 

How does it affect the teamaving the manager banned?

It is difficult to say how this will affect the team. I am sure that the players will do what they have to, regardless as to where I am.

Is it easier to prepare for teams who've had the same manager for a long time? Or like Vadim Evseev, who has been with Ufa for just a short time? 

It is more difficult to prepare for a team who has just taken over the team. But Vadim has been a manager for a long time. You can see what he wants to do, how he wants his teams to play. But any coach can change his style and that can be unexpected for their opponents. It makes no difference whether this is a young manager or an experienced coach. 

Today is Dzyuba's birthday. Have you congratulated him and what did you say? Will there be a special gift for him?

We have the same attitude towards all our players and equality for all. There will be the usual tunnel we give the players. I have not yet managed to congratulate him personally, but he usually arrives here last.