Sergey Semak: "We got to take a look at Osorio today, he played well"

The Zenit manager on the friendly win over Sochi.
Sergey Semak: "We got to take a look at Osorio today, he played well"
Please give us your thoughts on the match, it turned out to be a comfortable game for you.

It was not totally comfortable, now we have the international break and we always look for a friendly during these breaks to help us prepare for the next games and maintain the fitness of those players who do not always start. This was a good game for training and helped us to maintain match fitness. We also looked at those who don't play that often and those who are recovering from injury. These matches are useful.

Why didn't we see Douglas Santos or Branislav Ivanovic today?

Douglas Santos asked for additional time off and today returned to St. Petersburg, he'll be back in training soon. Branislav Ivanovic plays a lot and has been training on an individual programme recently. I don’t think he needs any extra match practice, he plays a lot.

Yordan Osorio made his Zenit debut today and seems a very physical, strong player...

We had a number of debuts today. We got to take a look at Osorio today, he played well, we'll watch him more and see what points we need to continue to work on. Today he looked good.

Who would you like to highlight from today's match?

That's your job. Some played well today and some not so good, but that does not put anyone over anyone else. It is important for us to understand who is and isn't match ready.

You're having a busy day, but did you have time to vote today in the local elections?

I've been and voted and yes.

Soon Sasha Kokorin will be back, do you have any plans for him?

My position remains the same, I would really like him to come back here. He does not have a contract at the moment and he needs to sort this out. I’ve been waiting for more than a year for his return, He is one of the best players in Russia, and to have such a player at his club is a dream for any manager.