Yordan Osorio: "I'm pleased with how my debut went"

The new signing on his debut in a Zenit shirt.
Yordan Osorio: "I'm pleased with how my debut went"
How do you feel after making your Zenit debut?

I'm very happy! I came here to show everyone what I am capable of. I am pleased with how my debut went, how I played and how the team played.

Does it make much of a difference that your debut was a friendly and not a league match?

You think about winning every game and I'm glad that we've made the fans happy with the win. 

You played well alongside Rakitskyi and Mammana. How did you manage to reach an understanding so quickly?

I've been training with the team for four or five days and being a new player gives you the want to understand your teammates as soon as possible. 

You played against the former Zenit striker Anton Zabolotny, and he fouled you hard at one point. Were you surprised by this?

We had a short chat and I asked him to be careful. But he had his job and I had mine. I tried to do my best. 

What language did you speak with him in?


You seem like an athlete, do you spend much time in the gym?

I would describe myself as a quick and physically strong player, but that's all natural, I don’t train that often.