Vyacheslav Karavaev: “The Champions League is great!”

The Zenit full back on making his Champions League debut.
Vyacheslav Karavaev: “The Champions League is great!”
How do you feel after making your Champions League debut?

It's a great feeling to start in the Champions League after being with the team for just a week. I would like to have won, but I think the draw is a fair result. We will look towards the next game.

When did you find out that you'll be starting? What were you feeling?

Naturally, I was happy and I found out on the day of the game. Everything went well, but I would have liked it if we had won.

Where you happy playing alongside three central defenders?

It felt fine, although I've almost always played in a back four before. But overall this format was fine for me and I had no issues. 

A 1-1 draw was a decent result, are you happy with it?

It wasn't bad, but we could have won.

Was it possible to avoid the penalty Zenit conceded?

It could have been avoided of course, but that's the way it turned out. 

Did the Champions League live up to your expectations?

Oh yes, and more. The atmosphere with the fans was perfect!