Davai Davai: Zyryanov steps up next to help an ill child

The Zenit youth coach is next to take the challenge to help a child in need.
Davai Davai: Zyryanov steps up next to help an ill child
Oleg Kozaev aged 14 from Ossetia is Southern Russia was born without a left hand and with his right arm under-developed and with only three fingers present. Oleg had his first operation at just five months old in St. Petersburg and so far has had four operations to enable him to pick up objects and to use his hand. Now he is able to eat, drink, wash himself and has even learnt to write. To further assist him live a full life, Oleg requires specialist prosthetics that are not available from the state.

We need you to make a donation to Rusfond to help Oleg Kozaev and if we raise the necessary 2,440,000 rubles or 29,400 euros, then  Konstantin Zyryanov will become head over to work on testing the trucks at the Vostok Technical Centre.

Make a donation to Oleg

Davai Davai started in 2015 and since then, Zenit and Rusfond have worked with 17 blue-white-sky blue players and coaches and raised more than 32 million rubles or almost 400,000 euros to help seriously ill children.


The Vostok Technical Centre opened in 2010 and is the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz trucks and is the exclusive official dealer for Mercedes-Benz buses, Setra buses and Mercedes-Benz special equipment within Russia.

Today they are one of the leading dealerships for the sales and service of commercial vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz, Kamaz and Isuzu brands in Russia.

In 2015, the Vostok Technical Centre became an official supplier of Zenit Football Club.