“We are a team in the fight for life!” Donate blood at the Gazprom Arena this Saturday

Our new social project starts this weekend at the Cup match with Arsenal at the Gazprom Arena. We want you to donate blood and help those in need in St. Petersburg.
“We are a team in the fight for life!” Donate blood at the Gazprom Arena this Saturday
A blood donation station will be operating on the third floor of Stand C next to sectors C110-111. Here supporters can find out if they can become blood donors and what benefits there are for donating blood, including receiving Zenit souvenirs from the club and vouchers that entitle them to special monetary and civic rewards. The procedure is completely safe with blood taken by specialists in a sterile environment.

More information is available at yadonorspb.ru.

The Vasya Perevoshchikov National Registry of Bone Marrow Donors will also be operating on the fifth floor of Stand B. If you'd like to know if you could be a potential bone marrow donor you only need to submit a painless cheek swab and you could potentially save a life.  Potential donors will receive information brochures, as well a souvenir from the club.

Detailed information is available at tsrdkm.rf.

The Vasya Perevoshchikov National Registry of Bone Marrow Donors announced in 2017 that “Every 20 minutes, one person in Russia gets blood cancer and over the last three years, the number of cases has increased. When drug treatment and chemotherapy isn’t working, bone marrow transplants can be the only chance to save the patient's life and only 15% of patients find a donor, normally in the family, and the probability of finding an unrelated donor is 1: 10,000.”

Lyubov Belozerova, director of the Centre for the Development of Bone Marrow Donation told us: “Every year 5100 people need a bone marrow transplantation. Due to the closed borders during this pandemic, not every patient had the chance. However, if the number of participants on the donor register increases, the patients' chances of matching with a potential donor only increase. We hope that the huge Zenit fanbase will join us." 

Zenit v Arsenal Tula kicks-off at 5pm this Saturday 20 February at the Gazprom Arena