Rodrigão: “When the score is 5-0, it’s especially enjoyable”

The Zenit defender shared his thoughts on the big win over Lokomotiv.
Rodrigão: “When the score is 5-0, it’s especially enjoyable”
A few words about the match. A big win, and with no conceded goals too. Share your thoughts.

“I think the whole team is happy with the result of the match that we played. We had chances to score in the first half as well, but unfortunately we weren’t able to, but in the second half we did everything right. Indeed we didn’t let the opponent to use their chances at our goal, so the most important part is the win, and when the score is 5-0, it’s especially enjoyable.”

Lokomotiv were dangerously close to scoring a few times. Did you feel like everything was under control even then?

“I think so. We were sure that the win wouldn’t slip away from us since the very beginning. Obviously the opponent had their chances, and it’s only natural, the game is 90 minutes long, but our first aim was to work hard to prevent them from using those. It was a home match, so we wanted not only to win, but also to finish with a clean sheet, and we were able to do that.”

One of the Zenit goals happened after your long ball pass. Is there an aim to play as often as you can using such long passes?

“Our manager is processing all kinds of opportunities and options for the team to win. One of our strong sides is playing in attack, pressuring the opponents and getting behind defenders’ backs. I’m glad we were successful there. I made the pass, Bakaev fought for it, got the ball, and with Sergeev they were able to turn it into a goal. It’s one of the abilities we work on during training throughout the week. I’m happy that I was able to participate in this victory.”