Malcom: “Mantuan is very happy, and I hope he will score even more goals for Zenit”

The Man of the Match against CSKA spoke on the win over the team from Moscow.

Malcom: “Mantuan is very happy, and I hope he will score even more goals for Zenit”

Malcom, congratulations! You have many reasons for being happy today, a goal, a win and the Man of the Match award. What can you say about the game?

“We knew that it would be a very difficult match. Since the very beginning we started pressing high, to create chances, and we could have scored more. I think, playing on our home ground we’re obligated to show our game, which is attacking and to get results. Today we did our job well and we’re very happy about it. I want to congratulate Mantuan personally who got on the pitch successfully and helped us with his goal. Now we have to think only about the next match and about Zenit always winning!”

The game was very tough, the decisive goal was scored only a few minutes before the final whistle. What helped the team to win today?

“That every single one of us put their all into the game since the start. The substitutions worked as planned too, we know that the substitute players have the qualities needed to help the players from the starting team. I think Mantuan is very happy now, and I hope he will score even more goals for Zenit and to help the team many more times! Today he scored, but it could have been anyone, for example Erokhin. We have to count on every player, because everyone has the skills to be able to change the course of the game.”

You celebrated your goal with a lot of excitement. It seemed like today it was especially important for you.

“It’s because in the previous matches I was always searching for the opportunity to score and putting so much effort into it, but it wasn’t working out. So today I’m happy! The shot didn’t turn out very good, but because the ball touched the pitch, it got extra speed and flew straight into the corner of the goal. I’ll be shooting even more now to score even more and to help the team to stay in the lead.”

The weather in St. Petersburg is wonderful today, the roof was open and there were more than 50,000 people in the stands. What do you think of the atmosphere at the stadium?

“You know, our fans are the most important people outside of the pitch for us, obviously after our family and loved ones. Today they played a significant part in this victory, they were supporting us and they kept us going. Sometimes they give us strength and aggression, and we really needed it today, because the match against CSKA was the most difficult game in the season so far. Now we have to recharge and start getting ready for another home match.”