Zenit-2’s new coaching lineup

Dmitry Davydov and Andrey Pocheptsov will take over the running of the blue-white-sky blues second side.

Zenit-2’s new coaching lineup

Dmitry Davydov will be the new Zenit-2 head coach will oversee the work of the coaching staff.

Andrey Pocheptsov, will be assistant head coach and will be in charge of training and preparing the team for matches. Sergey Kiselev will also joined the coaching team, with Spain’s Luis Anula being head of physical training.

Dmitry Davydov made his Zenit debut in 1994 and was part of the side that won the Russian Cup in 1999. He had a playing career that including Metallurg Lipetsk, Luch-Energia and Dynamo St. Petersburg. He has worked at Zenit in roles within the Gazprom Academy and Zenit-2 since 2011. 

Andrey Pocheptsov, is a former Gazprom Academy trainee and had a playing career that included appearances for Zenit, Dynamo St. Petersburg and Zhemchuzhina Sochi and has been part of the Gazprom Academy since 2009. 

Sergey Kiselev is also a product of the Gazprom Academy and played in Finland’s Hämeenlinna, Baltika Kaliningrad and Dynamo Bryansk. He has been coaching at the Gazprom Academy Zenit since 2010.

Congratulations to the coaches on their new roles within the club and we wish them all the best.