Get the Supporters Card so you don’t miss out on matches at the Gazprom Arena!

The new rules for attending football have been implemented from 1 December 2022 and in order to attend Zenit matches at the Gazprom Arena, all fans need to obtain the Supporters Card. This is done on the Gosuslugi website. This applies to non-Russian citizens also. 

Get the Supporters Card so you don’t miss out on matches at the Gazprom Arena!

The card is required for all fans including holders of the season tickets, both full and half season tickets, as well as for people who purchase tickets for individual Russian Premier Liga matches.

The card is issued individually for every person. Individuals older than 14 years old apply for the Supporters Card on their own through the account on Gosuslugi; parents have to apply on behalf of children aged 14 and under.

The process of getting the supporters card is fast and easy! Just follow these steps in order to do it:

How to obtain a Supporters Card

In order to get the supporters card you have to create an account on Gosuslugi

1.    On the registration page choose the option “Another way to register”

2.    Enter your full name in Latin letters the way it is in your passport

3.    Type in your email and your Russian phone number if you have it

4.    Check your email and click the link that Gosuslugi sent you. If you entered your phone number, you will get an SMS with a confirmation code, type this code on the Gosuslugi website

·      After you make an account log into it and choose “Supporters Card”

·      Confirm your personal and contact information

·      Upload your portrait photo (a photo taken on your phone would be enough to apply for the card). The requirements for the photo are: a monochrome background, no foreign objects or shadows, good lighting (it is advised to take the photo in daylight)

·      Wait for a notification to visit your local MFC (Multi-Functional Centre) to confirm your identity

·      Visit the nearest MFC from the list, take your passport with you. Tell the worker of the centre that you need to confirm you identity for the supporters card

·      The MFC worker will check the information. The process will take 2-3 minutes

·      After the checking procedure the card will appear in your personal Gosuslugi account.

This process applies to non-Russian citizens also. If you require help with Gosuslugi your local MFC can help you.


How to get the card for a child under 14 years old

One of the parents applies for the Supporters Card through their Gosuslugi account.

·      When applying for the supporters card on the Gosuslugi website choose the option “Apply for the card for myself and children under 14 years old”, confirm the details and upload pictures of every child separately

·      Wait for the notification to visit the MFC to confirm your identity

·      To confirm the information visit the nearest MFC from the list

·      Take your passport and your children’s birth certificates with you. Children under 14 years old are not obligated to be present at the MFC for the identity confirmation

·      After the checking procedure the Supporters Card for the child will also appear in the personal Gosuslugi account of the person who applied for it.

Don’t delay the process of getting the supporters card and see you at the Gazprom Arena!