Daniil Odoevskiy: "I woke up on my birthday ready to train"

We spoke to the goalkeeper on his birthday at the Gazprom Training Camp.
Daniil Odoevskiy: "I woke up on my birthday ready to train"
Happy birthday! Today is your 20th birthday, what mood did you wake up in?

Ready to train!

It's not the first time you've celebrated your birthday at a training camp, have your teammates congratulated you?

I saw them at breakfast and they congratulated me there and before training we did the birthday tunnel. Everything is about training and getting ready for the return of the season.

How was today's match during training?

It was an intense workout and the guys did pretty well. Everyone trained hard and tonight we'll have a rest.

Did you get many messages from St. Petersburg? When was the first? 

 I was delighted to get congratulations from everyone. The first came at midnight from loved ones, they sent me a video from the restaurant.

The first week of the training camp has come to an end, how do you feel?

Cool, everyone played their part, even though we thought it would be more difficult, but everyone is still smiling even though the training's been tough.