Number 12: the Zenit players, coaching staff and club’s management became the first guests of the new media exhibition in New Holland

25 May, on the day of Zenit’s 98th anniversary, Digital Art Gallery Zifergauz presented an exposition dedicated to Zenit and our supporters.

Number 12: the Zenit players, coaching staff and club’s management became the first guests of the new media exhibition in New Holland

The Zenit players, coaching staff and their families, the club’s management and famous Zenit fans were the first ones to visit the gallery.

The guests have explored the exposition that includes the works of such artists as Stain, Sergey Kostyrko, Anya Mokhova, Darya Smakhtina and Vadim Smakhtin, Fedor Toschev, Margo Trushina, Luna Park (in collaboration with Misha Grigoryev and Maria Teriaeva). The artists put the connection between the club and its supporters, their traditions and culture into a new perspective.

The Chairman of Zenit's Board of Directors Elena Ilyukhina said: “We wanted this exhibition to be a gift to the city and the club. We’ve made an art object that sparks interest in our first guests, both adults and children who play digital football and dive into the metauniverse by creating a digital wave and listening to the sounds of the stadium. In my opinion this exhibition is a success. I think our supporters will be happy to pay a visit here and that even more people would want to join our big family of Zenit fans.”

By visiting the exposition you can learn personal stories of the Zenit players, listen to the sounds of the Gazprom Arena, fantasize what the football in the future would be like, start a wave and play with the ball digitally.


The Zenit manager Sergei Semak shared his opinion: “Everything is new and everything is unusual for me, the connection between football and art pictured by the artists with the use of the newest technologies. You have to spend about 5-10 minutes studying each piece in order to see all of the details. It’s interesting how modern artists view football and show it to the guests of the exposition through the technology.”

The Zenit General Director Alexander Medvedev said: “The exhibition is very interesting, it’s modern and interactive, made with the new audio and video technologies. It gives the guests the immersive experience, for example they can start a wave at the stands. This is a step towards the future, in order to attract attention we need a well-presented sports product. I’m sure that this exposition will get a lot of attention from the citizens and the guests of St. Petersburg. Moreover, New Holland is a place where people come to enjoy their free time and play. The energy here is very positive and it’s not a coincidence, this place has good historical roots.”


Everyone can visit the exhibition up until 27 August 2023. Admission is free with prior online registration at


The Digital Art Gallery Zifergauz is a public space located on the 3rd floor of House 12 at New Holland island. It hosts different exhibitions of international and Russian media artists, film screenings, lectures and creative master classes.

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