Wendel: “Quick dribbling is one of my best attributes”

Today’s Man of the Match spoke to us after the game in Kazan.

Wendel: “Quick dribbling is one of my best attributes”

Congratulations on the win! How content are you with your team’s performance today?

“Thank you so much! I think we’re going back home happy as we showed everything we were working on throughout the week. Today we were able to control the game and demonstrated quality football. Now we have to take a breather since there’s a Cup match up ahead. We have to rest a little.”

From the stands it seemed like Zenit weren’t playing at their maximum today. Was it actually like that on the pitch?

“I can’t say that we were playing in low energy mode. We knew that we had another match in a few days, but I can definitely say that everyone did their best today, so we showed our skills and we’re happy that we won.”

For the third goal you took the ball near the opponent’s penalty area and despite having three players in your way you started running fast, which was important for this chance and overall, for this win. How did it feel from your point of view? Why did you decide to dribble around Rubin players on their half of the pitch?

“Quick dribbling is one of my best attributes. I’m glad that I was able to do it exactly the way I planned and I’m happy that I was able to make an assist for my good friend Claudinho. Now he owes me dinner!”