Wilson Isidore: “It was a perfect debut!"

Zenit's new signing spoke to us about scoring on his debut, getting used to his new side and a the motivational message he received from Malcom. 
Wilson Isidore: “It was a perfect debut!"

Wilson, congratulations! A goal in your first match for the new team, is this a dream debut?

Yes, sure! I'm really happy with how my debut went, firstly, we won, and secondly, I scored. This is my first goal for this big club and I'm really happy. It was a perfect debut!

Did you honestly expect to be in the starting lineup today?

A bit, I trained very closely this week with the coaches this week and they explained to me how I should play. So I thought that I might come on from the bench, but they believed in me to start. I hope that I was able to justify their trust.

How did you feel when you knew you were starting?

Delighted! I think that for any footballer to play for this team is real happiness. So I was just happy, there was no pressure, I knew that I just had to do my job.

How do you rate your interaction with your teammates?

With my teammates? They’ve really helped me a lot in getting used to things. On the pitch everyone has tried to talk with me especially Douglas, Claudio, Mateo. My adaptation is going as well as it possibly can. I hope it will continue the same way and I’ll be able to play even better.

This is your first official match in over a month. Are you satisfied with your physical fitness?

“I won’t lie, it was a bit difficult for me because I haven’t played in quite a long time. Today I showed that I can play 60 minutes at a good level. I did ask the manager to be subbed as I was getting tired. But I think overall I’m fine and by next week I’ll be back to my usual levels.

Tell us more about your goal please

Mantuan gave me a perfect pass, and everything else was just technique. I've watched Thierry Henry score goals like this many times and this is my style of goal, I know how to score goals like this. It’s a dream that I managed to score today and I hope there will be many more such goals.

From the sidelines you made it look easy. Was it?

I could answer yes, but, as I said, I’ve watched a lot of videos and practiced a lot to score goals like this. Although no goal comes easy.

Who will you dedicate your first goal in a Zenit shirt to?

Firstly, to my family, my girlfriend and my friends, who motivate me every day. And secondly, to Malcom, he wrote to me: “I’m sure that today you will score.” I thought, "OK, we'll see." It turned out he was right, so I dedicate this goal to him.